Precision Engineering

Working within the aerospace, automotive and medical sectors DenMark Products are experienced in producing tooling and component parts suitable for use in extreme conditions. Clients choose DenMark Products for their experience, their skills and investment in people, the range of machinery and the opportunity to benefit from low cost production in Shenzhen, China supervised by the UK staff.

Quality machining without the risk of distortion, CNC spark and wire erosion provides extremely accurate machining of complex tool shapes...more

Precision grinding to high tolerances can be provided to cylindrical, spherical and flat surfaces. Small batch production or individual items..more

3, 4 and 5 axis milling machines provide milling of complex geometries, also precision turning of individual and small production batches..more

Essential for assembly line production, bespoke jigs and fixtures are provided to accurate dimensions and ease of use..more

The team are dedicated to providing the highest quality at all levels. The company operates an ISO 9001:2015 approved policy..more
Using the latest CAD software, the team of skilled design engineers achieve quality long lasting tools that offer the best return on investment..more
Brands that have worked with DenMark Products demand reliability, sustainability and the highest standands in safety.



We constantly assess our suppliers on quality, delivery and communication, DenMark Products always score highly and pull out all the stops for us when we need.

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