Quality Assurance

DenMark Products are proud of their internal quality control systems that have helped the company gain an enviable reputation as one of the leading precision engineers and tool makers in the region.

Specialising in the automotive, medical and aerospace sectors which demand exceptional commitment to quality, the company has developed a culture where staff at all levels work to provide continuous system improvements and to exceed the needs of customer expectations.

Operating a quality control and management system that conforms to ISO9001:2015, DenMark Products work closely with all stakeholders to help them achieve excellence in their product and brand.

DenMark Products aim to:

- always supply the highest quality product and service

- operate systems to our ISO 9001:2015 approved policy

- be competitive through the highest level of efficiency

- build strong relationships with all our stakeholders

- continually invest in the training and development of our staff

ISO9001:2015 DenMark Products
Staff at DenMark Products now split their time between the Telford operation and the Chinese engineering facility in order to ensure quality standards are maintained at all levels and the smooth progress of each tooling project.