CNC Wire and Spark Erosion

CNC Spark Erosion enables machining to components that are not accessible through conventional methods. By investing in market leading Agie Charmilles CNC Spark Erosion machinery tight tolerances can be achieved on extremely hard materials along with high quality finished surfaces while avoiding the risk of distortion. There is no direct contact and therefore no cutting tool pressure on small pieces.

DenMark Products also provide CNC Wire Eroding for an extremely accurate machining process on all conductive materials enabling machining of complex tool shapes and creating multi-impression tools in one of the most accurate machining processes.

A number of CNC machining processes are carried out by DenMark Products including CNC Wire Erosion and CNC Spark Erosion.

High Performance CNC Machines deliver unbeatable speed, efficiency, precision and reliability‚Ķ
CNC Wire Erosion and CNC Spark Erosion