Jigs and Fixtures

Bespoke jigs and fixtures enable consistent manufacturing on a repeat basis and increases productivity while reducing waste material.

With considerable experience working within aerospace, automotive and medical industries, DenMark Products have a team of highly trained engineers and quality control processes to ensure your components are machined to tight tolerances reducing the risk of product variations.

These custom made jigs are used to control the location and motion of another tool, providing repeatability, accuracy and interchangeability in the manufacturing process. This is particularly important where repeat products to the same specification are produced on a production line.

DenMark Products are able to provide competitive pricing for jigs and fixtures by utilising both their Telford and Shenzhen engineering facilities. Jigs and fixtures will be produced to accurate dimensions, maximum possible adaptability while providing optimum safety and ease of use.

Tools for many of the UK’s leading and recognised brand names are supported by DenMark Products.